Preparing to binge

Ah, Thanksgiving. What am I thankful for? I’m thankful that I’ll be eating smoked turkey this year. I’m thankful for the concept of “pot-luck dessert.” I’m thankful I get to make my zucchini mushrooms. These are all beautiful things. By tomorrow afternoon, I’ll have put back on the twenty pounds I shed in the last year.

And it will be good.

The sun keeps popping in and out from behind a thick blanket of clouds, teasing Austin better than my old friend Heather could tease a room of thirty drunks. Rumors around the city say it’s supposed to dry out this weekend. I’ll wait and see. All I know is that it’s a week before December, and I got to wear shorts yesterday. There’s something very wrong there.

I’ve decided to throw a few reviews of things I think you should be reading up here. I’ve got provided some kind of material for you, right? Look for the first one on Monday.