It was supposed to be such a productive weekend.

It really was. There was this short comic script I was going to bust out. Sort of an experiment on making horror work in the comics format. It was going to be done by this morning.

But something happened. Maybe I can describe it best through a timeline.


10AM-3PM: Christmas Shopping

4PM: Sore Throat

6:30PM: Twenty Minute Sneezing Fit

7PM: Go to Holiday Party

7:30PM: Stomach Begins to Feel “Heavy”

8:30PM: Sweats

9:30PM: Toss the Keys to Shawna, Beg Brother to Drive Me Home

10:10PM: Arrive at Home

10:15PM-3AM: Vomiting with Short Breaks for Intense Cold Chills


3:15AM-9AM: Sleep

9AM-10PM: Sleep, Shiver, Ache, Rehydrate