The Joys of Christmas Eve

I’ve always prefered Christmas Eve to Christmas. I think it stems from the trips my family used to make from Aurora, IN (and later Cincinnati,OH) to La Grange, KY every year. My grandparents lived out there, and we spent quite a few Christmas Days out on their farm. Thing is, we always had to pass through several town of various sizes on our way out there, and it was always fun to see these town all lit up with lights, yet completely void of human activity.

Years later, after the grandparents moved in with us, I got a job at a riverboat casino, working in the kitchen. This meant that I worked every Christmas Eve. There was something special about leaving work at 11:30PM and standing in the parking lot, just talking to the rest of the cooks, the rest of the world dead around us.

So, that’s what I like about Christmas Eve, watching the world die for a day or two, feeling like you’re the only one out there.

It’s Decmber 24th, 2004.

I’m the last man on Earth.