First gear; It’s all right. Second gear; I lean right.

And we roll into a new year.


I had a good 2004. I completed the first few drafts of a novel. I made a few magazine sales. DRIVE was finished and got some good words from people in the industry that I really respect. I made some good friends, some strong connections, and I learned how to make Cuban chicken.

Now we shift into second.

As 2005 rolls around, I have to get DRIVE ready to go to the printers in the next two weeks. I have to letter A TRIP TO RUNDBERG. I have so many story ideas in my brain that my hat size is growing. I have no less than four conventions to go to in the coming year, and on top of it all I have another idea for a novel that’s begging to be written.

2005 is going to be great. Time to put the pedal to the metal.