One of these days…

Four brothers stuck in a blizzard learn their dead grandfather was a serial killer, and now he’s back.

Lucas White races across the West Texas Desert with a baseball bat at his side and a serious mad-on for the man who ordered him killed: his best friend.

Jay Dwyer is kidnapped by a criminal named Chloe, and he falls in love with her.

A supervillain who calls himself Boom has been paroled and must serve with a supergroup known as The Deep City Regulators.

Strange things happen in East Egypt, Indiana. Corn grows wild in the forest. A little girl with one eye is hunted by two boys who keep a dead woman in their clubhouse. Something awful lives beneath the mansion on the hill.

Two teenage boys just remembered who Adam Twain was, and now they know why roadsigns lead to his burial place.

A man named Sid has one last conversation with his girlfriend before he buries her.

Something horrible has shown up at the Darkwood Music Festival, and it will cause three days of death and chaos.

A man takes a job at a high school on the edge of another dimension.

The inmates at the Burnham Hill Maximum Security Prison are preyed upon by guards who are vampires.

These stories are stuck in my head. One of these days, I’ll get to tell them to you.