Nice Weekend

That’s right, it was a nice weekend. Wanna make something of it.

Beth, a friend of mine from high school, made it down to Austin for an appearance Saturday. Now, I haven’t seen Beth in person in over six years or so. I’m happy to report that she’s much the same, no strange new limbs or anything. She also held off on telling Shawna anything terribly embarrassing about my high school years. Doesn’t matter, really. I usually tell Shawna those stories all on my own.

Saturday night, Shawna and I drug Beth downtown to see The Flametrick Subs perform down at Beerland. Now, the Subs are a kickass band in the finest manner, Evil Rockabilly and Cowpunk with bonus songs about codeine and x-ray glasses. The Subs have the added bonus of their own go-go squad, too. The magnificent Satan’s Cheerleaders. You might have seen squad 666 in a little video called Smells Like Teen Spirit (at least, that’s what I’m told). I don’t think Shawna had ever seen these delightfully sinful girls perform before. Now, she has a full blown crush on Ms. Sindee Lux.

Sunday was a superbowl party where I spent the entire night huddled over the stove, forking chili into my mouth by using Fritos as spoons.

Today, I slept.

Recharged now. Ready to rock.