General Stuff

I need to update this thing more than twice a week. I realize that.

For three weeks, I’ve been trying to get in touch with Satan’s Cheerleaders to see if they’d mind helping out a bit with STAPLE! We want to see if they’ll run the various raffles we’ll be having throughout the day. Only problem is, they don’t seem to want to return email. Could it possibly the part where I said we couldn’t pay them in cash, or was it the part where we said we could pay them in comics?

God, it hurts to be lame.

DRIVE should be available within a week from Frequency Press. The book should (cross them fingers!) arrive at the warehouse by Tuesday or Wednesday. Currently, you can order the book through your local comics retailer (if they have an FM account. we’re in the March catalog), and you’ll be able to order it online from Frequency by late next week. Pick one or two up. Daddy needs some royalties!

I should be on the radio next Friday for those in the Austin area. I’ll be appearing along with STAPLE! honcho Chris Nicholas on Austin’s KOOP to promote STAPLE! (and DRIVE, by crumb!). We’ll be on The Swinger (I think, and it’s not a dirty show, sicko!), so tune in and listen to my deep, yet nasal voice!