An Interesting Friday

Started out Friday downtown, finished it downtown.

Went down to the KOOP studios Friday morning to plug DRIVE and STAPLE! KOOP’s studio is on the third floor of a building that can at best be described as abandoned. I went to use the men’s room on the second floor and gleefully noticed that somebody had etched “It smells like death in here” in to the tile walls. It was shortly after that I got lost and spent ten minutes wondering around this building, waiting for some THING to leap out of the shadows at me.

Fifteen minutes later I was on the air with Chris and some of the other STAPLE! cats. The show went really well, and I got to pimp out not only DRIVE, but some of the Christmas short stories, as well.

That night, George and I went to the Cruiserweight CD release show. It was about halfway through their set, when George had conveniently gone to the men’s room, that Stella points me out to the crowd.

“You up for a challenge?”


“Okay. You have to get up on stage and touch the center monitor by the end of this next song. Everybody else in the crowd has to stop you.”

Um… Okay. (There were about 900 other fucking people in the crowd, about 400 of them between me and the stage)

The song kicks in and I take off like a man fucking possessed, plowing through the crowd and getting within ten feet of the stage in a matter of seconds. I like to think it was because of my Northern Boy T-shirt. That shit scares people down south.

I lost my shoe.

Some guy offered to guard my jacket.

I kept fighting.

The crowd fought back.

For three minutes I pushed and pulled and wrestled. I rolled onto the stage and touched the monitor just as Cruiserweight finished the song (thanks for the hand, Stella!). I was judged to have just missed the bell, but I had a goddamn blast doing it, and I got to teach a few hundred people a lesson or two.