In Two Weeks… APE

Well, I’m flying out on the 8th to spend a few days in San Francisco hawking books at APE, the Alternative Press Expo. It’s exciting, as it marks my first “Big” convention and my first trip to San Francisco. I’ll be at the Frequency press table (table 541), and we’ll even be doing something special for APE customers only. Check back REAL soon to see what we have up our sleeves.

Unloading Pics

Since Shawna and I splurged on a new camera back in February, I’ve been kinda picture happy for the first day in my life. A few favorites…

Shawna and I, playing with our new digital toy.

My birthday with Joe and Matt.

Birthday with my niece.

Same night, same place. This time with Sheryl and Becky.

The DRIVE mini-release party with Danny and Zan, the Frequency Press crew.

A few glasses (or bottles) later.

My buddy, Simon.

A New Motion

Looks like I’ll be working on a pitch with Ben Dale. I met Ben two years ago in San Diego, and I’ve been a fan of his work ever since. He’s got a clean line and solid storytelling. I see a little bit of Steve Rolston in Ben’s art, and that’s a good thing.
Watch for more news on this pitch. Maybe something will come of it, maybe not.

Just in case anyone was wondering

If I’m ever reduced to the mental capacity of a 6 month old, I want my feeding tube removed. After that, sit me up in a chair with a baby bottle full of white russians. When I’m done with that, put a bullet in the back of my head, cremate my remains, and sprinkle my ashes over a gravel road surrounded by tall trees.


Hello, sir. Care for a graphic novel? Maybe a lap dance?

STAPLE! was a rockin’ good time, and an excellent opening salvo of the Frequency Press reign over all popular media. Over three hundred people shuffled through the venue doors on Saturday, and a tenth of them walked out with copies of DRIVE. I couldn’t have hoped for a better reception (and to tell the truth, I didn’t). Thanks to everybody who showed up, bought a book, or just talked to me for a bit. My apologies to the other exhibitors. I would have hit your tables, but I coudn’t leave mine!

After the show, I went out to dinner with Chris (STAPLE’s organizer), Randy Lander (, Lea Hernandez (, Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man), and a slew of others. We hit Baby Acapulco’s like a tidal wave, and we didn’t leave until we had gorged on a cubic ton of food and drink. A quick stop with Shannon to pick up Randy again, and we were off to the after-party!

Club Deville is a damn-fine place to get a drunk on, and that’s what we did. My puplishers were already pretty off by the time I showed up, and they were completely blitzed by the time they left. My heart shudders thinking about who might have driven home. I didn’t worry too hard, though, because there was more drinking to do, and shortly before midnight, I convinced, Randy, Shannon, Chris, and a small battalion of other STAPLE-ers to take the one block walk down to Beerland to check out The Flametrick Subs.

So, there we are, a bunch of comics shlubs shaking our asses to the finest rockabilly in Austin, knocking back Lone Star beers and shots of rotgut whisky, smoke permeating our clothes and our lungs in equal measure. The Subs rocked us for two hours, and we were damn sure to thank them afterwards. Of course, what a Subs show without Satan’s Cheerleaders? I pulled Shawna’s favorite crush, Miss Sindee Lux, aside and got her to give Shawna a call, thus making Shawna’s whole weekend through the power of cellular technology.

Hi, Shawna! Wish you were here!

Sometime around 3am, I limped home and curled up in my bed, content that I had had one helluva a day.

Until next time!

In Two Days… STAPLE!

This Saturday, I’ll be appearing at STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo with the rest of the Frequency Crew. There’s a great article on STAPLE! here. We’ll be selling DRIVE for a special discounted price, and what’s even better, every copy purchased buys you a chance to win a page of Shawn’s original art! Which page, you ask?

This page…

So, come out and say ‘hi!’ We’ll also have a free preview of A Trip to Rundberg, as well as copies of What Happened to David Wells, this years Christmas story.