Tales from Fish Camp

Want to know how I’m starting my APE coverage? This is how I’m starting my APE coverage!

Danielle Henderson has been everywhere, man. New York, San Francisco, Anchorage. Okay, maybe that’s only three places, but they’re interesting places. Can’t say any of them compares to the months she spent in an Alaskan fishing village, though. Nope. I just can’t do it.

Tales From Fish Camp: A City Girl’s Experience Working in an Alaskan Fishing Village (try getting that out in one breath) is Danielle’s gut-bustingly entertaining chronicle of her time spent working in, you guessed it, a fishing village. Danielle tells her tale in a bar-stool voice, the exact same way she’d tell it to you over the rim of a beer mug as the both of you laugh and slap your knees with glee. Danielle’s story is at turns hilarious, frightening, and stomach-churning. Try reading about her initial accommodations without cringing, or try reading about “The Night of Drunk” without giggling at least a little bit. It’s not possible, I tell you.

Throughout Fish Camp, we get glimpses into Danielle’s mind and personality. She sounds like a cool chick, one that could drink you under the table before sling your limp carcass over her shoulder and making sure you get home safe. These glimpses are the heart of Fish Camp, and the main reason I breezed through the book in an hour or so. I’d like to read more of Danielle’s adventures. I have a hunch they’re not boring.