Letter to the Editor

A letter I wrote to the editor of the Austin American Statesman appeared in the opinion section yesterday. It was in response to a woman who wrote that we should all thank SUV drivers since they carry kids and their various school/team/musical/scout equipment everywhere.

Here’s what I wrote…

Alternative to SUVs

Re: May 25 letter to the editor, “Thank drivers of SUVs”:

Although it is true that you can pack a lot into a sport-utility vehicle, the writer did not describe anything that could not easily fit into the back of a station wagon. A station wagon would also provide better fuel efficiency and be less of a hazard on our roadways.

True, a station wagon might not be the cure for that midlife crisis that your typical SUV seems to be, but I’ll happily thank each and every SUV driver who trades down to a wagon.



Fun with Airports

Sure was an eventful Saturday. As my allergies continued to rage, approaching their zenith, I volunteer to drive my mother to the airport, where she had to catch her 2:50 back to Cincinnati. Not a problem, really. The airport is 30-45 minutes from my house, depending on traffic, so we leave at one o’clock, my mother, Shawna, and myself, and arrive at the airport at 1:45. We parked, and I help lug Mom’s luggage (which scraped a nice chunk of paint off my bumper) to the skycap.

That’s when Mom can’t find her billfold.

That had all of her ID in it.

Mom begins to freak out, and I convince her to stay reasonably calm while we check her purse a third time. I then tell her to calmly check her luggage while I return to the car to search for the billfold.

It wasn’t in the car.

It wasn’t in Mom’s luggage.

About this time, Shawna thinks she might have seen it on the kitchen table.


I talk to the skycap, and he says that Mom should be able to get on her flight without a photo ID as long as she passes a security screening. This is allowed, he says, because it’s her return flight.

He lied.

No way, no how are we getting on this flight without some form of government issued ID, we’re told once we’ve made it inside and to Delta’s check-in counter. Mom tried calling my Stepdad to see if he has anything he can fax to the airport. No dice. At this point, I nearly grab Mom by the arm (since she seems rooted to the spot she’s standing in) and drag her back to the car, where I notice the large chunk of missing paint. Not a problem. As long as nobody apologizes to me, I’m cool. One apology, though, and I might blow my stack.

No, I don’t know why that is. I’m odd, is all.

We race back home (and damn, traffic has picked up!) and I bolt into the house to snatch the billfold off of the kitchen table, right where Shawna said it was. We head back to the airport, and Mom pays $25 to get on a 3:40 direct flight to Cincinnati.

Aah. Success.

Shawna and I return home (after a short trip to the mall, where I surprise Shawna with a Build-A-Bear) and continue our day as normal.

After a few hours, I begin to wonder why Mom hasn’t called to tell me she made it home safely. The call finally comes sometime after nine o’clock. Turns out, there was a problem with a door on the airplane, and no one was allowed to board until six o’clock, at which point my mother still got to sit on the runway until seven.

It was a good visit, Mom. Come and see us again real soon.

Friday. Allergies.

Ah, the last day before a three-day weekend (save the two hours I’ll be coming in tomorrow morning). I’m hoping to relax a bit this weekend, but there are elements conspiring against me. Shawna will want to go (**shudder**) outside, and our friends Melinda and Jeremy want to take us out on their boat. Don’t they understand that I hate leaving the house?

On the bright side, my allergies are kicking in. Maybe I can use them as an excuse to not leave the house.

Brian Wood’s Supermarket

There are those out there who know I’m a big Brian Wood fan. Between Pounded, Couriers, and Channel Zero, Brian has produced some of my favorite books of all time. His cover work is incredible, and he’s received some well-deserved Eisner nominations for them. Hell, I wanted a Brian Wood cover for A Trip to Rundberg.

Anyways, go to The Pulse for a preview of Brian’s upcoming limited series, Supermarket. Brian’s releaseing this through IDW, who always create a top notch product. This is gonna be one to look forward to!

Lost Finale and More

The Lost finale was everything I expected and more. A real nail-biter, that one. I won’t bother posting any spoilers in case anybody either taped or is waiting for the DVDs, but let me just say that Lost is my favorite show on television. The next three months are going to be painful.

I’ve been geting an itch at the base of my brain to write a prose novella of A Trip to Rundberg, something that can be a bit more internal and balls-out action. I don’t know why the idea keeps popping in there, but I can’t seem to shake it. Might make a fun companion piece one day.

Slightly more than halfway through the first issue of Cold. Writing convicts is pretty fun, y’know?

Wednesdays and Sweating and Reviews

Staying home from shaolin tonight to watch the season finale of Lost with Shawna. I can’t explain how hard we fell for this show. It’s everything I’ve always wanted in a show and more. Shit, I’m almost upset it’s not a monthly comic!

Since I’m skipping class, however, I went through all of my material twice… in the backyard… in near-100 degree weather. That was 30 minutes and a cold shower ago, and I still can’t stop sweating.

Steven Grant reviews Drive in this week’s Permanent Damage. To call the review glowing would be a bit of a fib, but Steven’s a tough critic. I respect his opinion greatly.

More Traffic

Crossed the 10,000 visitor frontier yesteray. Now we’re at 10,069 and counting. I’d be optimistic, but with the recent surge in fishing emails I’ve received at the web address lately, I know all these visitors aren’t readers. Dreamhost says I average 35 users a day. I’d be happy if 10 of them aren’t some kind of bot.