San Francisco Photo Parade

Now, the APE Aftermath party was probably the best part of the whole weekend, so of course that’s when my camera’s batteries died. That’s why there are no pictures of Raphael Navarro trying to stuff himself into a spin dryer.

Anyways, on with the pics!

The Commodore. Our home for a weekend.

Post-breakfast at Lori’s Cafe.

The crowd and part of the floor at APE.

Buddies to the right: Young American Comics. The wheel was part of a fund-rasier for their 2006 tour. It was spinning all weekend.

Buddy to the left: Sean Z created the wonderfully homo-erotic sci-fi story MYTH. With him is Tess from Austin, TX.

Shawn Richter and I working on Saturday.

Shawn, Tess, and I. I don’t know what I was thinking, banana-wise.

Rick Spears and Rob G of TEENAGERS FROM MARS fame.

On Saturday with James Sime of ISOTOPE COMICS.

Shawn’s sketch of zombie-James.

And the proud owner of zombie-James.

Post-APE. The Frequency Press crew of Shawn, Danny, and your’s truly starts drinking.

Shawna fears the geekery, but gets in on the act…

…And falls off the bed.

Shawn draws zombie-Danny…

…Then gets some drunken Nate-lovin’.

The next day, Shawna, Danny, and I did tourist stuff.