New Projects

Once The OC is over tonight (I know, I know), I’ll be starting the first issue script of COLD, a new comics idea I have. It’s funny how I keep saying that horror doesn’t work in comics, yet I keep coming up with horror ideas. Fuck me, I’m such a hypocrite.

A Trip to Rundberg reader’s copies are in the mail. Still need to get one out to James Sime, though. I also contacted Satan’s Cheerleaders to see if they were interested in taking a peek, but I haven’t heard back yet. Maybe I’ll just talk to them on Saturday. Chris and I should be hitting the Flametricks show at Emo’s.

Worked on tweaking the pitch I’ll be moving in San Diego this year. I think it’s really got a shot. So does Ben, so we’ll see how it goes.

*Update* For some reason, Blogger wouldn’t let me post this last night. Finished the first four pages of script on what I’m calling Cold for now.