Mondays… BOO!

And thus begins my attempts at updating more regularly.

Tomorrow marks fourteen days since I last had alcohol. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.

Today marks either five or six weeks since I returned to Shaolin-Do. This is another reason I’m feeling great. I have most of my material up through green belt back, and I’ll start taking brown belt classes either this week or next. My goal is to have all of my material back by August, when the next class of new black belts begins.

The temperature hit ninety-nine degrees yesterday… in May. Shawna’s reaction to this kind of weather is always “Let’s go to the lake!” While mine is “Let’s stay inside and hope we don’t die!”

Cold is rolling along nicely. A little slower than I’d like, but I’ve got family in town and I can’t seem to stay away from City of Heroes. I’m finding myself slipping into a trap, however, where my hero is stuck in solitary confinement. I’m gonna have to find a way of digging him out.

Picked up Chuck Palahniuk’s Haunted yesterday, and I’m already devouring it. This is an exciting time for me, with Haunted out and Brian Keene’s Terminal and City of the Dead coming out within the next two weeks.

Back to work…

More Horror and Comics talk

A few months ago, I wrote an essay for Brian Keene’s website called A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures. In that essay, I wrote that horror doesn’t work particularly well in comics. I’ve said this before, I know. Just talking, is all.

Anyways, Brian recently pointed me toward a few responses to the article. Here are some words from Dorian and Sam. Good stuff from each of them, though I think Dorian might have missed the fact that I was comparing comics to prose as well as film. Go check ’em out. They both seem like solid folks.

New Projects

Once The OC is over tonight (I know, I know), I’ll be starting the first issue script of COLD, a new comics idea I have. It’s funny how I keep saying that horror doesn’t work in comics, yet I keep coming up with horror ideas. Fuck me, I’m such a hypocrite.

A Trip to Rundberg reader’s copies are in the mail. Still need to get one out to James Sime, though. I also contacted Satan’s Cheerleaders to see if they were interested in taking a peek, but I haven’t heard back yet. Maybe I’ll just talk to them on Saturday. Chris and I should be hitting the Flametricks show at Emo’s.

Worked on tweaking the pitch I’ll be moving in San Diego this year. I think it’s really got a shot. So does Ben, so we’ll see how it goes.

*Update* For some reason, Blogger wouldn’t let me post this last night. Finished the first four pages of script on what I’m calling Cold for now.

The Weekend

Got the reader’s copies of A Trip to Rundberg printed up. They’ll be hitting the mail today. Thanks a bunch to everybody whose agreed to read a copy.

Had to call home and borrow money so I could afford to fly out to San Diego. And they wonder why I haven’t fixed the AC in my car yet.

Speaking of family, my mom flies into town on Thursday for a nine day stay. I feel kinda bad, because I’m trying to stock up on overtime (yup, san diego), and I can’t take a day off.

That’s about it. Made it thtough a weekend without drinking, so I’ve been pretty productive.

A Step in the Right Direction

I get to print up reader’s copies of A TRIP TO RUNDBERG tonight. They should go out on Saturday. This is one of my favorite parts of the whole process, waiting to see if anybody wants to say something nice about the work.

I really need to figure out who to beg for an introduction. Brian Keene was going to do it, but he’s on tour for the Summer and has no time. Part of me wants to ask Robert Kirkman of WALKING DEAD fame, while another part want to go a little B-Movie and ask Buster Crash from The Flametrick Subs to do it.

What to do, what to do…

My First Signing

Well, the signing at First Federal Comics went great. I got to sell some books for Carrie and the rest of the First Federal crew, and I didn’t even drink all of the profits before sending them off to Frequency Press. First Federal is a fun store, despite their lack of a new releases shelf, and they took care of me. I even walked out with an Absolute Platetary. If there was any downside, it was when I dropped my lunch in my lap and made a fool out of myself.

Oh, and thanks to my brother-in-law Joe. He advertised my appearance in his school newsletter (he teaches kung-fu) and successfully doubled our attendance!

Oh, and Silver Bullet Comicbooks did a short interview with Shawn about slogging around at the Toronto Comicon , as well as his work on Drive and A Trip to Rundberg.

Rolling into the Weekend

Woke up this morning to find blood all over Greta-Dog’s head. Shawna rushed her to the vet, where it was determined all that blood came from one scratch Gretta received in a fight with one of the cats. Oh, yeah. That’s what all that noise was last night.

So, what’s on tap for the weekend?

Well, I get to go to birthday parties tonight. I got nephews and nieces, y’know. I’m even gonna do the super-uncle thing and give them cash. That oughta score me some brownie points.

Got the signing tomorrow. I’ll be at First Federal from 11-whener George shows up to pick me up. That could mean 3, or it could mean Tuesday.

Saturday night, I’m heading out to some show or another with George, Maria, and probably Maria’s sister whose name I can’t remember for the life of me. The last time we went out, it was a three hour exercise in “This bar isn’t cool enough. This bar’s too trendy.” Well, that noise ain’t happening this time. This time it’s gonna be an exercise in “Look! A bar! Get me a fucking whisky!”

Yeah, that oughta go a little better.

San Francisco Photo Parade

Now, the APE Aftermath party was probably the best part of the whole weekend, so of course that’s when my camera’s batteries died. That’s why there are no pictures of Raphael Navarro trying to stuff himself into a spin dryer.

Anyways, on with the pics!

The Commodore. Our home for a weekend.

Post-breakfast at Lori’s Cafe.

The crowd and part of the floor at APE.

Buddies to the right: Young American Comics. The wheel was part of a fund-rasier for their 2006 tour. It was spinning all weekend.

Buddy to the left: Sean Z created the wonderfully homo-erotic sci-fi story MYTH. With him is Tess from Austin, TX.

Shawn Richter and I working on Saturday.

Shawn, Tess, and I. I don’t know what I was thinking, banana-wise.

Rick Spears and Rob G of TEENAGERS FROM MARS fame.

On Saturday with James Sime of ISOTOPE COMICS.

Shawn’s sketch of zombie-James.

And the proud owner of zombie-James.

Post-APE. The Frequency Press crew of Shawn, Danny, and your’s truly starts drinking.

Shawna fears the geekery, but gets in on the act…

…And falls off the bed.

Shawn draws zombie-Danny…

…Then gets some drunken Nate-lovin’.

The next day, Shawna, Danny, and I did tourist stuff.