Wednesday Morning

Last month, I submitted the first chapter of my novel and a plot outline into a competition. The prize? You get invited to the 2006 Borderlands Writers’ Bootcamp. The novel portion of the bootcamp features none other than Jack Ketchum as one of the instructors, so I really want to go to this bastard.

I noticed this morning that some people on various message boards already know they’re going. They made it. I’m trying not to worry about this. They may be inviting people piecemeal, as they’re accepted; or they may be going through the short story writers first. Hell, my email may have bounced them like everything else, and they have to give me a phone call.

Of course, I might not have gotten in.

If that’s the case, not a big deal. I save the money I would have paid on tuition, airfare, and hotel; and I try again next year. World keeps spinning, and I’ll get to meet Jack Ketchum at next year’s World Horror Convention.