Back at Work

I hope to have some pictures from the coast soon. Once again, Shawna and I took our camera on vacation and never used it, so we’re relying on others.

All-in-all, Corpus was a great time. Woke up at dawn on Saturday to go through my shaolin-do material on the beach. I had fun staying in the condo, drinking, reading, and writing while everybody else was burned to a crisp by the angry sun god. I ate beef for the first time in six months or so on Saturday, and spent a good portion of Sunday in the bathroom because of it.

I did learn some important things about drama and family, though. I learned that, in order to keep drama to a minimum, it’s probably best for families to avoid vacations, meals, hanging out, or being within ten square miles of each other.

Oh, and for some reason I didn’t receive a voicemail my mother left on Saturday until last night. If you’re reading, Mom, I’ll call you tonight.