San Diego Update

Finished a polish on the first twenty-two pages of the To The Last Man script. These are the pages that are going in the pitch, along with a cover letter, plot synopsis, and five pages of lettered art. Pretty groovy, huh? Tonight, I’m going to start working on that cover letter.

Goddammit, I hate cover letters. I need to work on something, though. I have to be free to letter when the art finally rolls in.

I sent out a few emails to publishers, trying to set up a time to come see them. The first isn’t hosting a booth this year, and the other said they can’t look at new proposals for another year or so. I really need to sit down with the Comic-Con exhibitor list (if they ever post it) and figure out who I’ll be pitching to.

Jesus. I’ve only got three weeks left.

Left to do:

Cover Letter

Lettered artwork

Continue saving spending money

Polish and collate pitch

Buy new pants

Figure out just who the hell I’m pitching to

Oh, boy.