Friday News

Well, there is no news, really. There ain’t a whole fuck of a bunch going on. I finished the rewrites on the first issue of Cold and its one sheet pitch. I even emailed one of my favorite artists to ask if he might want to look at it. The odds are pretty slim; he’s a busy guy. I’m hopeful, though.

News is slowly leaking out about various Comic-Con events. They posted a schedule for the film festival yesterday. Some of my information was found on Tony Moore’s website. He’s taking part in a horror comics panel Saturday night. I’m excited about that one. Part of me is hoping “A Word is Worth a Thousand Pictures” gets mentioned. I doubt it, though. I’m still such a small deal.

In other San Diego news, I have to grab a second sketchnook. This one’s going to be non-themed, as opposed to my “THE HORROR! The Horror…” sketchbook. I’d like to get some good general sketches from Steve Rolston and Jeremy Love, while I need something good and horrific from Tony Moore. We’ll see how it goes, though. I still need to save money to pay off the Borderlands Boot Camp.