Hometown Blahs and Other Nonsense

My 10 year high school reunion is coming up in three weeks. Who wants to guess if I’m going? My friend Joy wants me to, even offered to pay my airfare. Of course, she’s the only one I give two shits about seeing, and I still keep in touch with her, so it’s not like I have a real reason to take her offer.

Besides, why visit my hometown? So I can look around and see what’s changed? I lost any romanticism toward Aurora, Indiana long before I left. Have a co-worker talk about not knowing if her baby belongs to her husband, boyfriend, or some other guy, and you’d probably run screaming, too. Nope, nothing back there for me. My mother visits once a year and I can order Gold Star Chili online. I’m set. Maybe it would be cool to hang with Beth, Brett, and Randall, maybe Kara (never hung out with her much before), but I’m not buying a plane ticket for it.

Less than three weeks until San Diego, and my stomach is churning with excitement. It’s not getting all floppy over the idea of buying comics of pitching books or attending panels, though. It’s excited over The Fish Market. The market is home of the best seafood I’ve ever had. Severing what ever came in off the boats that day, the food is always fresh and always delicious. Just looking over their menu of possibilities has my mouth watering. I feel bad for Tess. She has to deal with Randy and me constantly raving about seafood.

Speaking of San Diego and Comic-Con, when are they going to update their website? Where’s the list of attending Pros? Exhibitors? I’m not expecting the panel schedule until next week, but a little information would be nice.

On another seafood note, try the Voodoo Tuna at Z-Tejas. It’s the best raw fish I’ve ever had.

Great. Now I’m hungry.