Almost a Week…

…Since our last update, so I actually have stuff to write about.

Friday night, I went to STAPLE! DVD release party at Austin Books. I didn’t get to watch the entire DVD, but what I saw looks very good. The DVD was the brainchild of Gary Bartos, and Doug Benning, another Ausinite-by-way-of-Aurora, Indiana, completed the brunt of the editting and production. Hat’s off, guys!

Also on Friday night, Randy and I realized how much our feet hurt after being on them for only a few hours. San Diego is going to fucking kill us.

Most of Saturday night was spent hanging out and drinking with Shawna’s family and friends. Come to think of it, most of Monday was spent the same way. Jesus, I’m dumb.

On the comics front, the artwork is in for my San Diego pitch, and I’ve almost finished lettering it. Might need to clean up some of the panel borders. They’re a little pixelated.

Even more news later (BIG news!) but I have to wait until I get some pics scanned in first. More later.