Thinking out loud: Angry City

Angry City

This is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. See, just about everybody and their mother is getting work at Tokyopop these days; Becky Cloonan, Alex de Campi… It goes on and on. So I got curious and checked Tokyopop’s submission guidelines. What they’re looking for is a story that will take at least three 160 page volumes to tell.


So I got to thinking about a story I’d like to tell in that format.

Angry City

Cities in Japan are gigantic, densely packed monstrosities of humanity. Bodies packed on top of bodies, building onto the city so they can pack in more bodies. As times goes on, cities grow larger, denser. One of them begins to think for itself. It becomes annoyed with the people living their.

Then it becomes angry.

And it lashes out.

In a matter of moments, the city decimates its own population, attacking with stone and steel and glass. When the dust settles, only a handful are left alive. They want to leave the city. They’re terrified.

But the city has another idea.

Angry City is the story of a group of survivors trying to escape a sentient city that is toying with them, hunting them, changing the landscape under their feet.

Angry City