What I Did On Vacation

Yeah, it’s a crappy title. I’m workin’ daily, here, people!

While I’m thinking about it, check this out. It’s courtesy of my friend Dave, who I now need to find and kill.

New writing thing should start tonight, but I haven’t received an email yet about a meeting time, so it might be delayed. I don’t know. I need to remember to install Final Draft onto my laptop.

Once again, I’m pushing the boundaries of financial destitution, mostly because I spent about four times the amount of cash I’d hoped to spend last weekend. Stupid Nate! It might make for a sober-ish night Saturday. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll just drink Lone Stars all night.

I think I’m coming out of the funk I’ve been in for a week or so. Just haven’t been able to sit still for any extended period of time. I’ve started and stopped about three books (reading, not writing), and I can’t sit down at the computer for more than a few minutes. Well, that ends tonight. I have to bang out my chapter outline for the Borderlands Boot Camp. Once that’s done, I work on the Angry City pitch, then it’s on to work on Run Like Hell and Deep.