Ah… Friday Already!

Well, this week went pretty fast. That’s a nice change. I’m looking at a three day weekend. With any luck, I’ll finish the Boot Camp outline and get back to the Angry City pitch by Monday.

Well, it looks like I’m gonna be stupid and try to go to two shows on Saturday. The Asylum Street Spankers are playing a free show at The Oasis at 7:30. I’m gonna try to hit the first forty-five minutes of that one before bouncing over to Randy’s and heading to the Flametrick Subs show.

That’s right. This may kill me.

Went with Shawna to her parents’ house last night, where we had a going away dinner for Shawna’s cousin Carrie and her boyfriend Jeremy. They’re driving to Washington DC on Saturday, where Carrie will be going to Law School (can’t remember the university). I’m gonna miss those two. They’re cool as hell and throw the swankiest of parties.

Today’s link of the day is Shocklines. Shocklines is the Amazon.com of horror, and one of the only places to find a lot of lesser-known authors. Go there and hit the Browse by Author option, try to meet some new writers. Pick up a Douglass Clegg or a Jack Ketchum. Can’t go wrong with either of them. Tell ’em Nate sent ya. They’ll say “Who?”