Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday. I had the day off, and I only got near my computer long enough to check my email. If I messed up your day, I’m sorry.

Hung out with Randy, Suzanne, and Tess at the Flametrick Subs show on Saturday. Andrew Boyd and Ryan Yount were also there, and fun (and drinks!) were had by all. A nice highlight was Ryan yelling “Fuck already!” at the couple making out in front of us. Sadly, they did not heed directions. I handed a preview of A Trip to Rundberg to Scarlett Fury, so maybe I’ll get a good blurb out of that.

A side note: Tess and I may be teaming up for a regular comic strip thing, the focus of which will be poking fun at Randy. Good times!

Found out on Saturday, while scarfing down shrimp with my brother and sister, that my Dad and Step-Mom should be Austin residents within the week. Huzzah! Maybe this will be the kick in the ass we all need to hang out more often.

Not much writing news. I completed my outline for the Borderlands Boot Camp and started the Angry City outline. Preparing research materials for an ongoing title I hope to pitch next summer. We’ll see how it goes. Had the first meeting of “New Writing Thing” last night, and it went very well. Thanks for the pizza, Christina, and thanks for the beer, Scott!