Requesting Research Materials

File this one under shameless begging…

The comics ideas have been hitting fast and hard. Next year, I’ll probably pitching three seperate books on the convention circuit: Cold, Angry City, and this new idea I’ve had. The new idea (tentatively titled Deep) really has some legs on it, and it could be my first actual ongoing, presuming I get somebody to pick it up.

There’s just one hitch: I need research materials, and I’m flat broke.

If you go to Amazon Wishlist (run a search for Nathan Southard), you’ll notice it’s topped by some strange reading. See, Deep involves an agent going undercover with the KKK. Thing is, I don’t know much about either of those.

Now, I’m not trying to get people to buy me books (though the cookbooks would be nice). I do, however, want everybody to send me any links they can find full of useful information on these subjects, especially Donnie Brasco and any other undercover operations. Feel free to email said links to me at the address above or my personal addy, for those who know that.

Get hopping, soldiers.