In Search of a Better Villain

Finished the rough outline for the Angry City pitch last night and sent it off to Randy for his opinion. He should be writing me back to tell me it’s crap sometime this morning.

So, I started researching Deep last night, sipping cocktails and pouring over links (thanks again, Dan!). Learned a lot of really great stuff about FBI undercover regulations and insertion. Sadly, I also learned that I need a new villain, as the KKK is largeely a joke nowadays (and I’m glad, too). I’m not using the Mafia. Maybe an especially hostie Parent-Teachers Association…

In other news, the draft for Metti Publisher, the comics publishing version of fantasy football, had their draft recently. My publishing company shall rule all! Mark Millar and Brian K. Vaughan as my monthly writers, Warren Ellis and Joe Casey as my special writers, Tom Raney and Dustin Nguyen as monthly artists, Kyle Baker and Marc Sylvestri pulling special artist duties, and Joc and Frank Quitely rounding out the team as cover artists.

Suck it, Randy. Suck it hard.