Here comes Wednesday!

Going on just a few hours sleep (thanks, Boris!), so we’ll see how coherent this sounds.

Finishing up interior production on A Trip to Rundberg this week. If I can rope the Frequency Press people together long enough, it will be submitted to Diamond along with Drive early next week. Nope, it will not be able to go through Diamond in time for December. Thanks for sitting on that contract, guys!

Fledgling TV thing (you heard that right) is getting a jolt this week. Guy in charge got a call from LA last night and is set to fly out on Monday to discuss the show with some bigwigs. I get to do a flash rewrite of the first episode tonight.

My dad and step-mom hit town tonight or tomorrow morning, moving from Orlando. I get to spend Thursday helping them unload.

Heading to San Antonio on Sunday to see Green Day.

Keep moving. You die if you stop moving.