Things to Do

Presented as bumper material and a personal reminder…

A TRIP TO RUNDBERG: Create title, legal, and bio pages. Have Frequency send it to Diamond, possibly with a few $100 bills attached.

TWO DAYS IN TEXAS: Meet with cover artist. Decide whether it’s a graphic novel or a four-issue mini. Write second half. Follow up with Cellar Door, Oni, Speakeasy, and Viper. Send to Image.

COLD: Tweak pitch. Find artist.

ANGRY CITY: Second draft of pitch, including the element which ties our antagonist and protagonist together.

THE PROGRAM: Complete Deep City Regulators line-up. Outline. Write script, and find artist for pitch.

SAINT JAMES: Lotta work on this one. Best leave it for later.

THE PTA: Same deal.


RUN LIKE HELL: New prose novella. Tweak outline, wait, and begin writing.