Yay, Weekend!

And just like that, Friday is here. With any luck at all, I’ll be able to finish the Rundberg interiors tonight so I can move on to writing tomorrow. I’ll have to get up early to accomplish that, though. I have to go see my niece compete in a martial arts tournament at nine.

Only helped Dad and Nancy clear out about a quarter of their moving van last night before they decided they would much rather sleep than unpack. They plan to unpack the rest today in 100+ degree weather. I love those crazy bastards.

Y’know, I’ve been thinking about a book called Saint James. It’s sort of my take on Fletch, if Fletch was a music reporter for a free weekly and solved problems in the local music scene. Up until yesterday, I thought Saint James would be a graphic novel, with more coming hot on its heels if it warrants. I’m thinking differently about it now, though. I think James has some staying power in him, and I think he could handle an ongoing series.