I was planning to come back with the second Fear of a Tasteless Planet, but the restaurant I went to in Pflugerville (Great Wall Express) made me very ill, and I don’t think I have a negative rating strong enough for it.

So, we’ll talk about Green Day.

Ventured down to San Antonio for this concert, the first arena show I’ve been to in about eight years or so. It was an Arena Show, too. Make no mistake about it; Green Day has left punk rock behind and become a full-bore arena rock band. The sheer spectacle of the evening blew the last arena show I attended (Smashing Pumpkins) out of the water. From the pyro to the oh so powerful lights to covering the audience with confetti as they played “We Are the Champions,” this was just a rockin’ good show.

On a side note, I can’t believe Billie Joe keeps his voice through an entire show. He must have screamed SAN ANTONIOOOOOO!!! close to thirty times throughout the night.

Jimmy Eat World opened, and I was highly entertained when they launched in to “The Middle,” only to hear the woman behind me say “Oh, this is that band?” I vowed to repeat this line during Green Day’s closing number.

And of course I forgot. That’s okay, though. Shawna, who had spent the entire evening alternating between singing, dancing, jumping, and screaming, turned to me when Billie began playing Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) to say “Oh, this is that band?”

And it was.