This is another writing-related post. If it bores, sorry.

It occured to me last night, when I was sitting at my computer trying to flip between three projects, that I have to mentally organize myself. I’m not getting as much done as I should, because I’m not sitting down and cranking on one thing. The last time I did that was with the first issue of Cold, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result.

So, here’s an attempt to get organized.

First thing’s first. I have to get Rundberg ready to send to distributors and printers by next week. This is really weekend work, and something I can complete on Saturday and Sunday, but I need to sit down and get it done.

Before the weekend, I need to tweak the Angry City pitch. I want to have that rewritten by Saturday morning. I’ll then let it sit for a week, then take another look at it. If it’s ready, I’ll send it to Tokyopop.

Next week is all about the Borderlands Boot Camp. The sample chapters are good to go, but I need to run a polish on the chapter outline and character descriptions. That probably shouldn’t take all week, but you never know.

That brings us to two weekends from now and Shawna’s birthday party. I suspect nothing will be accomplished that weekend except getting drunk and possibly playing boob judge again. How I suffer for these people…

Come Monday, I take that look at Angry City and make a decision. If it’s ready, I send it off and start work on either Run Like Hell or Saint James. Probably Saint James. I need to be artist-ready well before APE rolls around.

Okay, Switching gears a bit…

Matt Fraction makes an interesting point in this week’s Basement Tapes. He talks about writers who like their day job enough to just say fuck it and write what they want no matter what. Can’t say I love my work that much, or that it allows me to afford all the comics projects I want to do, but it is something to think about.