Well, it was a good plan

**Before I get into today’s post, go check out Urban Dead. It’s an online, browser based roleplaying game based on a zombie outbreak in a big city. Pretty cool. And it’s FREE! Look around for me. My character is Simon White.**

I wrote my notes for the Angry City pitch last night, but didn’t get them typed into the actual pitch. I decided my time would be better spent drinking whiskey and watching the Scrubs DVD set. Felt guilty as hell about it this morning, but I’m eating a sausage biscuit and feeling better about myself now.

Found out last night that there’s a writers meeting for fledgling TV thing tonight. That means I have to tell Chris Nicholas I’m going to miss the STAPLE! meeting. That’s okay, though, because I don’t have much to contribute that can’t be done through email. I just sort of sit there and throw out venue ideas. That’s all I did last year. gary Bartos is really the supergrunt, doing more work than seems physically possible.

Speaking of the fledgling TV thing (I know we’ve moved on. Deal.), it occured to me how little writing I do for this outside of teh writers meetings. I’m so busy with my own stuff, I just never set aside time for the TV thing. If they ask me to throw out a show idea, I’m like ly to blurt out the Run Like Hell concept…

“See, there’s this all star high school running back, and he’s in the closet. Well, the rest of the football team finds out and freaks, kidnaps him, kills his boyfriend and everything, so the running back decides to hunt them down out of revenge.”

And just like that, you know what Run Like Hell is about.