Food, Film, and Writing

Fear of a Tasteless Planet will be up tomorrow, as I don’t want to type that much at work. I will tell you that the dinner I made last night (Asian tuna steak with snow peas and mushrooms) was better than my lunch at Pacific Star. Hell, the tuna looked so good I took a picture of it. Maybe I’ll upload it later.

Well, with the exception of the back cover (waiting on some colors from hi-fi), A Trip to Rundberg is ready for printing. I’ll be taking the files to Kinko’s to get laser prints on Wednesday or Thursday.

One of the ideas I’ve been working on is an ongoing superhero story called The Program. I’ve had the story in my head for over six months, but I hadn’t written a word because I couldn’t figure out the perfect opening scene. Well, that scene woke up in my head yesterday, and I wrote the first half of the first issue. I should finish that issue by this time next week, but who knows?

Watched The Aristocrats and Capturing the Friedmans yesterday. The Friedmans were especially hard to watch, because I couldn’t tell if the family had been brainwashed, if they were deeply in denial, or if the whole thing really was trumped up. No easy answers in that one. None at all.