Fear of a Tasteless Planet, Week 2

13507 Hwy 183

Pacific Star is a good idea, a sort of seafood roadside diner. There’s a kickass U-shaped lunchcounter right through the middle of the dining room, and that makes any restaurant that much cooler. The drinks are stored on ice, right there in a prep sink. Neon beer signs blink at you from every corner, and Telemundo blares at you from a TV on the wall.

I was the only customer at Pacific Star when I showed up on Sunday, but I did arrive only ten minutes after opening. The place was starting to fill when I left twenty minutes later. Still, I never felt ill at ease with the lonely dining room. Pacific Star is just an inviting place.

But then there’s the food…

I ordered the Pacific Platter (Shawna’s commentary: sounds boring); three jumbo shrimp, one catfish fillet, two hushpuppies, fries, and garlic bread. Except for the garlic bread, everything is fried. Things are looking up, right?

Sure, if you love the taste of cornmeal.

See, that’s what the fish and shrimp tasted like. No seafood taste at all, just the breading. Blah. The fries tasted like oxygen. The garlic bread was tasty, and the hushpuppies kicked copious amounts of ass. The main courses, though. Blah, man. Just blah.

Highs: The hushpuppies, the lunchcounter.
Lows: Fish, shrimp, fries completely lack taste.

Grade: Eehhhhh.


In other news, the Borderlands stuff is done, just needs to be typed in. I made my hotel reservations, too. Just need to complete my flight info, and I’m good to go!

Looks like I get to rewrite the thrid episode of fledgling TV thing today and tonight. No prob. I need to go to Kung-fu tonight, though, or else my limbs will sieze up from last night’s class.

All this activity slows down The Program script a little, but it should still be ready by the weekend. Then it’s fun with 2nd drafts!