Man, that was fun.

I rewrote the third episode of fledgling TV thing not once but twice last night. Sent my original thrid episode, plus my shorter version of the same, to the executive producer, then spent half an hour talking on the phone with him, punching up a few rough spots. The script gets emailed to L.A. this morning. I’d like to think I’ll eventually be compensated for my efforts, but more than likely I’ll be told this one day…

“Well, Nate, we’ve made our big production deal. Unfortunately, we have to give all the writers’ money to the band, so we’re making you an unpaid intern.”

Cue the axe murders. Rrrawr!

I think I’m gonna go ahead and get my airfare to Baltimore in January taken care of soon. No time like the present, right?

In Frequency Press news, I still have to put together the submission packets for Diamond and FM. Probably a weekend chore, so it can go out on Tuesday (Labor Day on Monday, you know). Y’know, if I can get this done, we might still make my December deadline.

I’m inquiring about the rights for something I want to translate into the comics format. We’ll see how that goes.