Yay, Weekend!

And just like that, Friday is here. With any luck at all, I’ll be able to finish the Rundberg interiors tonight so I can move on to writing tomorrow. I’ll have to get up early to accomplish that, though. I have to go see my niece compete in a martial arts tournament at nine.

Only helped Dad and Nancy clear out about a quarter of their moving van last night before they decided they would much rather sleep than unpack. They plan to unpack the rest today in 100+ degree weather. I love those crazy bastards.

Y’know, I’ve been thinking about a book called Saint James. It’s sort of my take on Fletch, if Fletch was a music reporter for a free weekly and solved problems in the local music scene. Up until yesterday, I thought Saint James would be a graphic novel, with more coming hot on its heels if it warrants. I’m thinking differently about it now, though. I think James has some staying power in him, and I think he could handle an ongoing series.


Things to Do

Presented as bumper material and a personal reminder…

A TRIP TO RUNDBERG: Create title, legal, and bio pages. Have Frequency send it to Diamond, possibly with a few $100 bills attached.

TWO DAYS IN TEXAS: Meet with cover artist. Decide whether it’s a graphic novel or a four-issue mini. Write second half. Follow up with Cellar Door, Oni, Speakeasy, and Viper. Send to Image.

COLD: Tweak pitch. Find artist.

ANGRY CITY: Second draft of pitch, including the element which ties our antagonist and protagonist together.

THE PROGRAM: Complete Deep City Regulators line-up. Outline. Write script, and find artist for pitch.

SAINT JAMES: Lotta work on this one. Best leave it for later.

THE PTA: Same deal.


RUN LIKE HELL: New prose novella. Tweak outline, wait, and begin writing.

Family Members Arrive

My father and step-mother should be pulling into their new place in the Austin area sometime in the next couple of hours. I’m leaving work a few hours early to help them unload.

Spent last night cooking Adobo Wings for the folks at work on Friday. Took much longer than it should have and featured me biting into a chicken wing and having my mouth filled with chicken blood. Yummy!

No writing completed last night except for fledgling TV rewrite. I did, however, design three possible logos for Two Days in Texas.

Sorry this is so light today. I offer this as a peace offering.

To the Last Man change

Larry Young was kind enough to point out the frickin’ obvious to me, namely that I’ll have to change the title of To the Last Man to avoid confusion with Y the Last Man. Don’t know why I miss these things.

Soooooo, from this point forth, To the Last Man will be known as Two Days in Texas.

Here comes Wednesday!

Going on just a few hours sleep (thanks, Boris!), so we’ll see how coherent this sounds.

Finishing up interior production on A Trip to Rundberg this week. If I can rope the Frequency Press people together long enough, it will be submitted to Diamond along with Drive early next week. Nope, it will not be able to go through Diamond in time for December. Thanks for sitting on that contract, guys!

Fledgling TV thing (you heard that right) is getting a jolt this week. Guy in charge got a call from LA last night and is set to fly out on Monday to discuss the show with some bigwigs. I get to do a flash rewrite of the first episode tonight.

My dad and step-mom hit town tonight or tomorrow morning, moving from Orlando. I get to spend Thursday helping them unload.

Heading to San Antonio on Sunday to see Green Day.

Keep moving. You die if you stop moving.

I suck in new and exciting ways!

I’m a forgetful person. It’s my nature. It probably comes about as a direct result of my sloppy, disorganized nature. I’ve had to replace my Final Draft software three times. I lost the Drive backup files once and had to have Shawn send me the first issue pages to re-letter. This shit happens all the time.

But now it’s getting worse.

As many of you know, I started back at kung-fu back in May. I really needed (and wanted) to go, and it’s been a blast, but my forgetful nature is making an ass out of me. Since returning to kung-fu, I’ve left my bo staff there twice and been very lucky to get it back the next week. I lost a $110 broad sword and a $50 pair of sais (left them both at the school by accident, they never showed up again). I was able to shrug most of these off. Shit happens, right?


I, dumb ass piece of shit that I am, lost my black belt.

That’s right, my fucking black belt.

How do I do that? For the life of me, I can’t even figure it out. Now, I have to buy a new belt (if I can afford it). Shit, I have a loaner belt right now! How fucking lame is that?! What the fuck is wrong with me? Really? How far up my ass can I put my own head?!

See you tomorrow.

Fear of a Tasteless Planet (Restaurant Reviews for Regular Folks), Week 1

That’s right. Starting now, I’ll be reviewing one new local restaurant a week. The only rules are the restaurant must be local, and I must not have eaten there before. I’ll be grading on the following scale…

I think I’m gonna be sick!
I shall return.
Is the cook single?

Because it amuses me, I’ll be doing half-ratings.

And away we go!

5408 Burnet Rd

I have to admit, Austin Diner wasn’t my first choice for this inaugural column. My original pick was Top Notch, the local burger joint made famous in Dazed and Confused. Much to my chagrin, Top Notch was closed when I stopped by on Sunday, so I had to freewheel it. I tooled down Burnet, looking for anything to catch my eye. There was plenty, too. Burnet Road is a Mecca of local eateries, and I haven’t tried most of them. That’s why I spun the wheel to the right when I saw the simple sign that read Austin Diner.

I drove around to the back and parked next to the blue and pink port-a-potties that serve as the diner’s restrooms (complete with port-a-sink!). I climbed out my car, walked around front, and stepped inside a cool little dining room. Austin Diner oozes a strange atmosphere. Maybe it’s the blue and aqua, or maybe it’s the 12″ records haging from the ceiling, or maybe it’s the fwe hundred frog statues filling the place, but Austin Diner grabs ya and don’t let go.

I sat down at the lunch counter (always the best place to eat) and a waitress came buy before I could draw breath. I order an iced tea, cheese sticks, bacon cheeseburger, and fries. Pretty pedestrian meal, but I’m reviewing for regular folks, here, so deal. I was a little nervous when my waitress didn’t write anything down, and I grew a little more nervous when she came back to double-check if I had ordered fries or not, but no biggee, really. She smiled. It made me feel better.

I received my iced tea, and it was about as big as Popeye’s forearm. It was both iced and tea-like. Hit the spot, is the point. My cheese sticks arrived soon after (no marinara, not sure I understand that). Not bad. Five minutes, and I already have some food. Yummy cheese sticks, too.

My burger arrived about five minutes after I finished my cheese. Gotta tell ya, this was one handsome sammich! It came wrapped in clean wax paper, with bacon so big it hung off both sides of the burger. Unfortunately, there were no fries with it. I heard the cooks get scolded by my waitress, though, so I chomped into my burger.

G’damn! I can’t think of any time recently when I’ve tasted a burger so fresh. The bacon was just soooo full of flavor. It was like having a little pig pen in your mouth, and I mean that in the best way possible. I wolfed that bastard down almost before my fries arrived.

And the fries… they had their pros and cons. For one, they were fresh and they were unsalted. Cool! I get to salt them if I want (which I didn’t). On the con side, though, they just weren’t that special; a little less French and a little more fry. Get my meaning? ‘Course you do! I finished up my fries, paid, tipped, and headed home.

Austin Diner’s a great place. There’s not a warmer in sight, so everything you order is fresh off the grill. The staff is friendly, cute, and erlatively good at memorizing orders. The scenery ain’t bad, if you like frogs, and the lunch counter stools are both comfy and easy to scoot around. Beware, though, you might end up eating your fries for dessert, and that’s just not cool.

Austin Diner is open seven days a week, so stop by and order something with bacon on it. You’ll really enjoy it.

Rating: I shall return.5

In Search of a Better Villain

Finished the rough outline for the Angry City pitch last night and sent it off to Randy for his opinion. He should be writing me back to tell me it’s crap sometime this morning.

So, I started researching Deep last night, sipping cocktails and pouring over links (thanks again, Dan!). Learned a lot of really great stuff about FBI undercover regulations and insertion. Sadly, I also learned that I need a new villain, as the KKK is largeely a joke nowadays (and I’m glad, too). I’m not using the Mafia. Maybe an especially hostie Parent-Teachers Association…

In other news, the draft for Metti Publisher, the comics publishing version of fantasy football, had their draft recently. My publishing company shall rule all! Mark Millar and Brian K. Vaughan as my monthly writers, Warren Ellis and Joe Casey as my special writers, Tom Raney and Dustin Nguyen as monthly artists, Kyle Baker and Marc Sylvestri pulling special artist duties, and Joc and Frank Quitely rounding out the team as cover artists.

Suck it, Randy. Suck it hard.