Buy My Books

Well, not my books (though you can do that by visiting the Frequency Press website), but Robert Kirkman’s. Kirkman, writer of Marvel Team-Up, Invincible, and The Walking Dead, has a new regular column up at Comic Book Resources. That’s right, the column’s called Buy My Books. The first column is a laying out of groundwork, but it looks to be an interesting read so far.

You should check it out. Kirkman’s a good writer. He’s also a luck bastard, and I wish I had his career, but that’s my issue.

Requesting Research Materials

File this one under shameless begging…

The comics ideas have been hitting fast and hard. Next year, I’ll probably pitching three seperate books on the convention circuit: Cold, Angry City, and this new idea I’ve had. The new idea (tentatively titled Deep) really has some legs on it, and it could be my first actual ongoing, presuming I get somebody to pick it up.

There’s just one hitch: I need research materials, and I’m flat broke.

If you go to Amazon Wishlist (run a search for Nathan Southard), you’ll notice it’s topped by some strange reading. See, Deep involves an agent going undercover with the KKK. Thing is, I don’t know much about either of those.

Now, I’m not trying to get people to buy me books (though the cookbooks would be nice). I do, however, want everybody to send me any links they can find full of useful information on these subjects, especially Donnie Brasco and any other undercover operations. Feel free to email said links to me at the address above or my personal addy, for those who know that.

Get hopping, soldiers.


Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday. I had the day off, and I only got near my computer long enough to check my email. If I messed up your day, I’m sorry.

Hung out with Randy, Suzanne, and Tess at the Flametrick Subs show on Saturday. Andrew Boyd and Ryan Yount were also there, and fun (and drinks!) were had by all. A nice highlight was Ryan yelling “Fuck already!” at the couple making out in front of us. Sadly, they did not heed directions. I handed a preview of A Trip to Rundberg to Scarlett Fury, so maybe I’ll get a good blurb out of that.

A side note: Tess and I may be teaming up for a regular comic strip thing, the focus of which will be poking fun at Randy. Good times!

Found out on Saturday, while scarfing down shrimp with my brother and sister, that my Dad and Step-Mom should be Austin residents within the week. Huzzah! Maybe this will be the kick in the ass we all need to hang out more often.

Not much writing news. I completed my outline for the Borderlands Boot Camp and started the Angry City outline. Preparing research materials for an ongoing title I hope to pitch next summer. We’ll see how it goes. Had the first meeting of “New Writing Thing” last night, and it went very well. Thanks for the pizza, Christina, and thanks for the beer, Scott!

Ah… Friday Already!

Well, this week went pretty fast. That’s a nice change. I’m looking at a three day weekend. With any luck, I’ll finish the Boot Camp outline and get back to the Angry City pitch by Monday.

Well, it looks like I’m gonna be stupid and try to go to two shows on Saturday. The Asylum Street Spankers are playing a free show at The Oasis at 7:30. I’m gonna try to hit the first forty-five minutes of that one before bouncing over to Randy’s and heading to the Flametrick Subs show.

That’s right. This may kill me.

Went with Shawna to her parents’ house last night, where we had a going away dinner for Shawna’s cousin Carrie and her boyfriend Jeremy. They’re driving to Washington DC on Saturday, where Carrie will be going to Law School (can’t remember the university). I’m gonna miss those two. They’re cool as hell and throw the swankiest of parties.

Today’s link of the day is Shocklines. Shocklines is the of horror, and one of the only places to find a lot of lesser-known authors. Go there and hit the Browse by Author option, try to meet some new writers. Pick up a Douglass Clegg or a Jack Ketchum. Can’t go wrong with either of them. Tell ’em Nate sent ya. They’ll say “Who?”

What I Did On Vacation

Yeah, it’s a crappy title. I’m workin’ daily, here, people!

While I’m thinking about it, check this out. It’s courtesy of my friend Dave, who I now need to find and kill.

New writing thing should start tonight, but I haven’t received an email yet about a meeting time, so it might be delayed. I don’t know. I need to remember to install Final Draft onto my laptop.

Once again, I’m pushing the boundaries of financial destitution, mostly because I spent about four times the amount of cash I’d hoped to spend last weekend. Stupid Nate! It might make for a sober-ish night Saturday. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll just drink Lone Stars all night.

I think I’m coming out of the funk I’ve been in for a week or so. Just haven’t been able to sit still for any extended period of time. I’ve started and stopped about three books (reading, not writing), and I can’t sit down at the computer for more than a few minutes. Well, that ends tonight. I have to bang out my chapter outline for the Borderlands Boot Camp. Once that’s done, I work on the Angry City pitch, then it’s on to work on Run Like Hell and Deep.

Writing Stuff

Sat down last night to write the outline for Angry City and froze. It’s bullshit fear, I know, because writer’s block is nothing but a shithead excuse. I’ve never tried to tackle something as big as Angry City before, and the task of condensing 480 of comics into three pages of prose is a daunting one. I’m gonna spend most of today thinking about that outline, and I’m gonna dive in head first tonight, pound on the keys for a few hours and see how it looks. I do most of my writing in rewrites, anyway.

I’m thinking about writing the script for this one in screenplay format. Just want to giver her a shot and see how she flies. In many ways, this sounds like a horrifically stupid idea.

Why I’m Never Having Kids

New puppy Boris is about twelve weeks old (Shawna will probably correct me on that later), and he has spent the last four weeks keeping Shawna and I from getting a good night’s sleep. Shawna usually takes Boris into the living room at 4:30 or so and sleeps there.

Yes, I feel guilty about that. Boris is her dog, though.

We’re getting to work later than we like. Shawna has to come hope at noon to let Boris out. The whole situation is taxing, and we don’t even have to teach Boris English or moral values. So until the day it’s socially acceptable to crate train your baby, I’m not having kids.

Killjoy Confetti Errata

Y’know, I’m not sure how many people really read this thing (I know a lot of bots do!), and I don’t know if any of you feel like checking out my old posts. Thing is, however, I went back and tweaked the Killjoy Confetti interview I wrote last week. Some of the comments made were less critical and more mean, and that’s not something I want to be.

I stand by my major criticisms of The Fun Is. I expected more out of a band I really like. No need to take my expectations out on them, though. That’s just unfair.

Capote in Kansas

Disclaimer: I don’t write good reviews. I don’t have the patience of the passion for it. If you’re looking for good comics reviews, you should check out Randy and Don at The Fourth Rail.

That said, I want to tell you about this book I picked up in San Diego.

In Cold Blood is one of the many books I need to read, but haven’t gotten around to. It’s regarded a classic by many, but how did Truman Capote, author of Breakfast at Tiffany’s, craft such a tale of horific savagery? How did he stumble across the story that would bring about this “non-fiction novel?”

Well, one possibility is told in Capote in Kansas.

Ande Parks and Chris Samnee craft an incredible tale with this story, weaving the threads of Capote’s adventures in Kansas into a stirring story of growth and despair. Parks keeps the dialgue sparse, letting the story unfold naturally. Samnee, an incredible artist if ever I’ve seen one, brings these emotions to a boil with his clear and thoughtful linework. The two work together to deliver the best graphic novel I’ve read in years.

Randy and I had a chance to meet and speak with Ande and Chris at San Diego. The two were complete gentlemen, and Chris especially displays an enthusiasm for his work that I haven’t seen in a long time.

Look. I’m sorry, but I told you this review was gonna suck. There’s nothing more I can say that won’t make this sound like gushing nonsense. Just do yourself a favor. Go to Oni Press, and pick up a copy of Capote in Kansas. You’re gonna love it.