The most rockin’ night of September

Last night, I received two CDs in the mail. The first was “The Chairmen of the Board’s Greatest Hits.” I’ve written before of how awesome The Chairmen are. One of the greatest, if shortest-lived, rock and soul acts of the late-60’s/early-70’s.

So, I popped this disc in the DVD player and listened to “Give Me Just a Little More Time” before putting in the second disc that came in the mail…

You bet. Greg Dulli’s first solo/non-Twilight Singers disc. As with most collections Dulli has released, going all the way back to The Afghan Whigs, Amber Headlights is amazing. The songs run the gamut, though they lack some of The Whigs’ sorrow in exchange for more of a jump up and run style of rocking out with your cock out.

There are two stand-outs on this record, and they’re both different versions of the same song, one that already appeared on Blackberry Belle, the second Twilight Singers disc. Cigarettes (the first of the three versions written), takes Follow You Down from Blackberry and kicks it up about a thousand notches, turning a contemplative ballad into a scorching rocker. The disc’s last song, Get the Wheel, strips the song all the way down to Dulli’s voice and a piano, letting you know just how sad, but still hopeful, the song really is.

Wow. Just wow.