Fear of a Tasteless Planet (Week 4)

Tino’s Greek Cafe
Corner of Anderson Mill and 183

Yesterday was Shawna’s 30th birthday, and I’d been asking her for weeks where she wanted her birthday dinner to be. Shawna kept insisting she didn’t want anything fancy (and that’s fine, because I’m cheap). On Saturday, she finally settled on lunch at Tino’s Greek Cafeteria, a new place within five minutes of our home.

A small cavaet: I know jack and shit about Greek food. I know how to pronounce gyro, and that’s about it.

After a quick survey of the menu (written fresh on a chalk board), Shawna and I both decided on the lunch plate. This little slice of heaven consists of your choice of meat (chicken, gyro, or combo), three sides, and choice of soup or salad. I went the combo route, also helping myself to lemon-chicken soup, steamed veggies, rice pilaf, and beef stew.

I was first impressed when I saw the stew. My helping had a chunk of potato the size of a child’s fist in it! There’s no skimping on proportions here. My plate was overflowing in impressive ways.

Shawna and I sat down and immediately tore into what has to be the best meal I’ve had in ages. The chicken and gyro were amazing and juicy. The soup was tasty as all get out, just a little hint of lemon in a damn smooth chicken broth. The rice was full of flavor, and the beef stew was so good I used my pita to sop up every last bite (that’s what the pita’s for, right?). My only complaint would be the veggies, which were cauliflower heavy. Cauliflower is my least favorite, vegetable, cauli, and flower, so I was none too pleased.

Thirty minutes later, Shawna and I were both groaning with full stomachs, and neither of us had finished more than half of our food! Did I mention that the lunch plate is something like six bucks?! G’damn, people! You can’t beat this place!

So, Tino’s has become my new regular lunch place. I’m going back today, and I’ll for damn sure be going back every chance I get. You should, too.

Why are you still reading this? Log off your fucking computer and beat feet!

Highs: Price, Taste, Portions.
Lows: Why so much cauliflower?

Rating: Is the Cook Single?.5