Last Night, Tonight, and Next Month

I didn’t get to eat at Tino’s last night. it feels like my world just died a little bit.

Shawna and I are going to the Weezer/Foo Fighters concert tonight. It’s funny. We’re still getting over how awesome the Green Day show was, so we haven’t had the chance to get excited for this show. Hell, we don’t even know who the opener is. I’m sure it will rock, either way.

October looks to be a good month for the rockin’. I’ll probably hit the Flametrick Subs show on the first (are you tired of hearing about them yet?), but the big news is that I’ll be seeing Our Lady Peace and Coheed and Cambria within a week of each other. Can one man handle so much rock? Is this good research for Saint James? Do I look fat in these Chuck Taylors?

I’m also thinking about hosting a Halloween party this year. Normally, this is Randy’s domain, but my ass didn’t get grabbed once at his party last year, while it was grabbed five times in the first hour at Shawna’s sister’s party (and that’s not even counting Shawna’s dad!). I want to get these two groups of people together, get ’em drunk, and watch what happens!