Funky, not Fresh

Every now and then (once every other week or so), I get depressed for no reason at all. That’s why you get stuff like the lyrics to sad songs and essays on the first time I heard Pinkerton. Maybe this annoys you. Well…

Sorry. I just wanted an excuse to run that picture again.

Busy weekend ahead, with various social whatsits I’m supposed to take part in, trying to fit work in between it all. Yay! I have to get copies of the Rundberg preview printed and sent to distributors. I have to put a final polish on the Angry City pitch. I have to talk to Danny and Zan about liscensed property idea, see if they read their assignments this week.

I’m really thinking the Halloween party is gonna go down. Should be a rockin’ good time. And I’m sorry, but my count was off the other day. Only three non-Shawna’s dad people grabbed my ass at that Halloween party. One of them was Shawna’s sister, though, so I think that count’s as two for the sheer ballsiness of it (plus, Shawna’s sister doesn’t like me a whole bunch, so I musta been on that night!).

I don’t know why you guys put up with me. Really.