Fear of a Tasteless Planet (Week 5)

Rockin’ Tomato Pizza Company
13729 N Highway 183

I’ve been in something of a tailspin since they closed the Austin’s Pizza location near my house a few weeks ago. I was afraid I’d have to fall back on Domino’s. Lucky for me, I remembered the menu for the Rockin’ Tomato Pizza Company that I had thrown in the menu cabinet recently.

Rockin’ Tomato deals in pizza, calzones, salads, and burgers, but I was only concerned with pizza, so I picked up a large ($8.99 for a 14″ cheese) with pepperoni and bacon (an additional $3). Toppings are broken down into two catagories, regular and gourmet. Gourmet included such interesting items as almonds and steak.

“Hey, man. I’m ordering pizza. You want in?”

“Sure. Can we get almonds and steak?”

I promise you, that exchange has never taken place at any point within the history of mankind.

Anyways, I go to pick up my pizza, and I find in no time that it is a more than suitable replacement for Austin’s Pizza. The pie is huge, and the crust is the perfect mix between crunch and chew. The pepperoni and bacon pop with flavor, and the whole pizza has a nice, hot taste to it. I could only get halfway through the damn thing, and it was a struggle to get that far. All-in-all, I vote Rockin’ Tomato my new favorite pizza.

Rating: Is the cook single?