An Absurd Story About Demon Summoning

An Absurd Story About Demon Summoning” went live on last night. Man that was a pleasant surprise on a Monday evening. This is a fun one, silly and sick. It was birthed about a year ago when I started laughing uncontrollably at the dinner table. Go check it out.

Watched the season premiere of Arrested Developement last night. Tons of laugh out loud moments, and I’m waiting for George Michael and Maebe to just snap and get it on. Wasn’t a lot of Buster last night, but there was plenty of Gob, and that’s always a good thing.

Also watched the series premiere of Kitchen Confidential. I have a soft spot for kitchen shows because A) I love food and cooking it and B) I worked in a kitchen for three years. Okay, it certainly wasn’t a five-star establishment, only a casino buffet, but it was still an experience. Shawna didn’t buy some of the debacles of the series opener, but I’ve stepped into enough walk-in freezers just in time to witness a blow job to know that this sort of thing goes down quite often. I’ll be watching Kitchen Confidential as long as it’s on.