Out of the blue, into the black.

“Hey, Hey. My, My” is pumping over the speakers. My blood is thrumming through my bloody blood vessels. Life is good.

Had a short little discussion with Shawna last night about the state of our kitchen, mostly about how we need more stuff for it. Hell, we only have one baking sheet and one cutting board. We only have seven cook books! I can’t work like this. Shawna gave me that look that says “You’ve gone insane again, haven’t you?” and the conversation was over.

Fun kitchen story number two. Shawna decided to make brownies during Lost last night. I gave her an odd look when she said she was halving the recipe. Her reply? “We don’t need that many brownies.” As long as she admits we need some…

Right, and the Lost premiere rocked significant ass. My world is full again.

Worked a bit on the first issue of Savage Tom last night, did some brainstorming for the restaurant story. I have to do a rewrite on my short story “In the Clearing, Beneath the Firs.” It’s not where I need it to be yet. That’s a shame, because I’m really proud of what I have so far.

We’re expecting to get tropical storm conditions in Austin on Saturday, fallout from Rita. You’re a whore, Rita. I want you to know that. You’re a whore with a saggy ass, and I hope you catch with the herpes.

I have my first dental appointment in six years today. This can only end badly.