The Weekend Update

Okay, so it’s Monday, but I’m writing about the weekend. There. Aren’t you happy I explained it?

The Rita-related problems we were supposed to experience in Austin this weekend (tropical storm winds, rain from heaven, etc) never appeared. This ruined my weekend plan of attempting to pee in 50mph winds. Man, I was looking forward to that.

So, Shawna and I decided to celebrate the weekend by doing nothing. We went to lunch at North by Northwest on Saturday (which will be this week’s Fear of A Tasteless Planet subject, but I’m writing that tomorrow), and I swung by Best Buy afterward to finally buy the fifth season of Oz on DVD.

I realized a few things regarding my kitchen fetish on Saturday. One, I’m about to go off the deep end. I spent five minutes Saturday morning staring at our plates and wondering if this was the presentation I wanted to go for. Two, I’m never going to be anything more than a hobbyist. I need to get used to the fact. I’m twenty-eight, starting ten or more years too late to make anything of myself. Maybe if I had stayed at Arogsy, started working a broiler in Bogart’s, I might have stood a chance. I wouldn’t have been a writer then, however. I made the right choice. I know this. I might have to start inviting people over to dinner more often, though.

See you tomorrow with Fear of a Tasteless Planet!