Fear of a Tasteless Planet (week 6)

North by Northwest
10010 Capital of TX Hwy N

North by Northwest is a restaurant and brewery in Austin’s Arboretum area. It’s big place, full of glass, steel, and wood. You have to drive through another restaurant’s parking lot to get to the Northwest lot (it’s also possible that I was simply turned around). Whatever. The point is, North by Northwest is a nice looking place.

Now, I have a few self-imposed rules for fear, which I’ll break down before I continue. Rule 1: the place must be local. Rule 2: no big chains. Rule 3: I should spend less than fifteen bucks there. North by Northwest made me break Rule 3, but not by much. If I hadn’t ordered that screwdriver, I might have even made budget.

Anyway, Shawna and I went to Northwest on Saturday, after doing a little research online. We were seated and quickly ordered calamari as an appetizer. Y’know, if somebody had told me five years ago that deep fried squid would one day be my favorite appetizer, I’d have called them crazy. No, however, I can’t get enough of the stuff. Northwest’s calamari was okay, but we kept finding pieces that were waaaaaaaay too salty, like they were right out of the ocean. Maybe this is the way it’s supposed to be. I hope not.

For my entree, I ordered Pasta san Giorgio: linguini, spicy sausage, mushrooms, and red peppers with red sauce. Tasty stuff… and a lot of it. I ate as much as I could (I was in love with the stuff), but my stomach refused to expand to the necessary size. With a manly tear in my eye, I set my pasta aside and picked up the check.

Shawna and I agreed, North by Northwest is a pretty damn good place for the money. The pretension factor is low, and the food is great. Hey, and they make their own beer. Tough to go wrong there.

Highs: Pasta, Atmosphere
Lows: Ack! Salty squid!

Rating: I Shall Return!