Fear of a Tasteless Planet (week 7)

The Water Tank
7309 McNeil Dr

The Water Tank is a bar and grill (well, more bar than grill) that I’ve driven past I don’t know how many times in the last four years. I’ve never stopped in, though. Don’t know why, just never occured to me.

So, I step inside the Water Tank and get the lay of the land. Half the place isn’t ready for customers. Trash is on the floor, chairs are on the tables. There’s six people (including a ten-year-old with a Coke) sitting at the bar. Six TV’s, all of them flastscreens surrounded by plywood, blare any college game with a team from Texas in them. Everything else I see is beer signs and streamers.


I step to a table and sit down. After a few minutes of nobody noticing my presence, I move closer to the bar. A few more minutes and the waitress/bartender brings me a menu. I order a Dos Equis and look at the menu, which is surprisingly huge. I decide against the chicken-fried chicken sandwich and go with the “Tank Platter,” which consists of fries and a half-pound (riiiiight) burger. I wait, watching A&M and Baylor hand the ball pack and forth for ten minutes before my burger and second beer arrives.

The burger’s good. It’s juicy, but not greasy. The swiss cheese works well. The fries are great, using seasoned salt instead of the regular variety. The meal, with two beers, costs just over my fifteen dollar limit. My wait was pretty long, but the food almost makes up for it. I’m not sure if I’ll be going back anytime soon, but I won’t avoid the place like the plague, either.

Highs: Fries, Menu
Lows: Waiting, and goddamn it’s loud in there

Rating: Ehhhhh.5