Weekend Crap Up

Drove Shawna to Dallas Friday night so she could help her best friend move to Los Angeles. Said best friend wasn’t anywhere near packed when we arrived, so I did what any good boyfriend would do. I slept on the couch while Shawna helped pack until four in the morning.

Spent most of the weekend designing swag for Dallas and repairing assorted files. It’s not nearly as fun as it sounds. Bought some supplies for the Halloween party. My brother Mark’s in from out of town, so I had dinner with him Saturday night. Hope to spend more time with him before he leaves on Thursday (the same day Shawna gets back).

Taking today off (feel a little under the weather), but I need to finish the first issue of Saint James, and I need to get started on Three Days. With any luck (okay, a lot of luck), I can have Saint James in good enough shape to go artist hunting in Dallas. We’ll see.