Wednesday already?

I got to talk to Shawna (who’s in L.A.) for over an hour last night. She was depressed, missing me and the pets; and I was depressed, missing her and dealing with the pets. Apparently it’s pretty damn cold in Hollywood right now. Well, at least the sun’s out. It looks like Ohio in Austin.

Purchased my ticket for Veruca Salt last night. I also received a semi-joking scolding from Randy this morning for skipping gaming on Friday. What can I say? Sometimes you just gotta watch a girl rock on with a frock on.

Speaking of The Salt, I found some fun stuff on their website yesterday. After Nina Gordon left the band, she went on to become a Sarah McWhat’s-her-head style bore. Because of this, she became much more popular than she had ever been in Veruca Salt. Louise released one record (as Veruca Salt) that went nowhere. That was five years ago. What has Louise been doing since, while Nina gets all this radio play?

She sings the praises of the Illinois State Lottery!

How the mighty… I still love ya, Louise!

Finally started writing Run Like Hell last night. I’ve spent the last few months trying to find a good opening scene, something that kicks off the story fast, but not too fast. Well, that scene got written last night. Now I have to try to get another chunk of it written tonight, along with vacuuming, cleaning, and meeting my family for dinner. Ugh, I say. UGH!

Watched my second episode of My Name is Earl last night. Excellent show. I knew Jason Lee had some great comedic chops, but I never knew Ethan Suplee was just as good.