She Returns

Shawna gets back today, and not a moment too soon. It’s like sanity is entering my life again. And it won’t be so goddamn boring around the house anymore.

No writing planned for tonight. See above. Last night was good for both Run Like Hell and Saint James. 1st issue of Saint James is at about the halfway point. I plan to finish it by Sunday afternoon, after recovering from Veruca Salt and a visit from George.

Got a call late last night. It looks like Fledgling TV Thing has some interest from a network (no, I won’t tell you which one!), about the equivelent of a raised eyebrow. They want to see some “Stand Alone Stuff,” So the writers are getting together on Sunday to knock some stuff out. I ended up staying up late to write two bits while they were fresh in my mind.

I need to see if I have enough cash for an Our Lady Peace ticket. Stupid cash flow problems!